Pride of Erathis


Pride of Erathis is separated into 16 major wards that are governed by Alderpersons who report back to the Heads of the city, the Lord Protector of Pride of Erathis was chosen by the Emperor and is well known to be one of the Emperor’s close personal friends.

As well as the 16 wards there are six major markets and a slum called “The Shades” which isn’t recognized as an official ward of the city as it has no alderperson or official representation in local government.

Official Districts

  1. Capitol Island
  2. Baronet Island
  3. The Docks
  4. Gold Ridge
  5. The Stack
  6. Southpoint
  7. Outerwall
  8. Innerwall
  9. Southwall
  10. The Warehouse District
  11. Foundry Town
  12. Old Wharf
  13. Emperor’s Hill
  14. Uptown
  15. Wavecrest
  16. Arcane Ridge

Other areas
The Markets
The Shades
The Maze
The Sewers

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Pride of Erathis

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